“Niks te toevoegen, zoals weetsupergoed geknipt.. Ze legt altijd uit, voordat er schaar in je haar.. Maar zoals weer super goed verzorgd weer”



“Hele lieve kapster die veel liefde voor haar vak heeft. Ik ben heel tevreden met de olaplex treatment en mijn haren zijn weer netjes bijgeknipt.”



“Mariela offers a wash, cut, and dry special for students. Since I go to Tilburg University this instantly caught my attention. The hair salon is located in a nice calm area. As soon as I went to Mariela gave me a warm welcome and offered me something to drink. She was very gentle with my hair while washing it and considerate about the water temperature to my liking. She made me feel at home and as if she's a friend because she knows how to start conversations. She made me trust her with my hair.”



“Super leuke vrouw en helemaal gestyled de deur uit gegaan!”